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Online Master's in Software Engineering Degrees

The online master's in software engineering, as with many online graduate degree programs, is intended for the working professional as well as for those seeking flexibility in their educational pursuits. Most applicants to online software engineering degree programs are in the early to mid stages of their careers and are looking to enhance their competencies on a professional level, which often translates to career advancement opportunities. [See the list of schools offering online software engineering programs.]

“Having the broader research experience [from the master's in software engineering] will put you in a better position in a lot of areas.” ~ Dewayne Perry, Director of the UT - Austin Center for Advanced Research in Software Engineering

Typically, these programs are offered by well established brick and mortar institutions who have evolved their curriculum and technology to the point where they are able to provide the same quality of education and instruction via an online format. More often than not, the schools award credentials that do not differentiate if the program was taken online or in the classroom. This is something to verify with the school prior to enrolling if you consider it an important feature of a program. According to employer surveys, the school's accreditation is far more critical to an employer versus if the applicant completed their master's in software engineering online or at an actual campus location.

Graduate students in software engineering gain in-demand skill sets and knowledge recognizable to employers and peers. Don't wait, now is the time time to take the next step to launch your software engineering career into a leadership or entrepreneurial role. Find a program...

To get you started, here are a few top ranked programs to check out:

School Name Program Contact
Regis University Online Master's in Software Engineering Contact
Drexel University MS Software Engineering - Info Science/ Tech Contact
Drexel University MS Software Engineering - Computer Science Track Contact
University of Liverpool MS Software Engineering Contact
Please contact me if your program is not listed. starFind Schools in Other States

syracuse msce

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