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Software Quality Engineering Profession

Within software engineering are many specialized careers to consider if you are studying or plan to study software engineering. Software quality essentially refers to quality assurance within software engineering. Like in any other field where a product is being provided and sold, quality assurance is very important. Software quality refers to both external quality and internal quality. External quality refers to the operation of the software and how it runs, and internal quality defines the code, which is not apparent to the user or customer but valuable for the software developer who may have to test, maintain, or make adjustments to it. Aspects of external quality include features, speed, stability, ease of use, security, power consumption, and stability. Internal quality covers testability, maintainability, test coverage, portability, conciseness, and legibility.

Software Quality Education, Work Experience and Certification

The recommended path toward this software engineering niche is to earn a four-year degree. Software engineering is the best choice, though with the right experience and computer knowledge, other educational paths are possible, such as computer science, information systems, or mathematics. An associate degree is also acceptable, though your job prospects and pay will not be quite as high as with a four-year degree. A master of science in Software Engineering is possible once you have earned your bachelor’s degree and earned some work experience. If you are already a software engineer, you can take specialized courses in software quality to learn the ins and outs of this specialty. You will learn about the “software life cycle,” about things like testing and configuration management, and you will learn how to evaluate software quality measures. [Find a Software Engineering program near you]

Software engineering is the best choice, according to recent hiring data.

As a software quality engineer, you will also need to have a firm understanding of professional ethics, legal requirements, team work, communication, and organizational skills, just like in any other job, on top of your computer skills. For a qualified software engineer, certification as a Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) is possible through the American Society for Software Quality (ASQ). The courses involved in this certification will teach you how to inspect, test, verify and validate software, how to implement software quality maintenance. Once you study the various aspects of this specialty, you will be prepared for the exam. Re-certification is required every three years, which is particularly important in such a dynamic field as new developments are constantly being made. Consult the American Society for Software Quality for more information about this niche in software engineering to see if it’s a career path you are interested in and for opportunities in certification, training, networking, and conferences and other events.

Job Growth Predictions for the Software Quality Field

The more specialized your training is in computers, the more likely you will be to find a secure career.

The field of software engineering will only become more specialized as it continues to grow, and quality assurance will always be an important component. Consider this specialty, whether you are already working in software engineering, or are planning on pursuing it in your studies and are interested in a specialization for higher pay and greater job security. The more specialized your training is in computers, the more likely you will be to find a secure career.


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