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Careers in Software Engineering, Computer Science and Related Fields

What is a C++ Developer?

They can do a lot of things and may wear several hats. Get the low down down low on this hot programming career path. You may even find some salary data here. Check out the C++ Developer field here.

What Are Redhat Systems Administrators Doing?

These is not your Grandma's Red Hat Society. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to systems administration. Check out what it takes to become a Redhat Systems Administrator. Read about it here...

One of the hottest clips in software engineering is in the game app development field.

I recently spoke to a software engineer friend from the Bay Area who was telling me that all of his buddies are getting recruited into the game app development field with established as well as start up companies. He said, "game app development is hot. Things are moving and shaking in a big way." Here's a quick overview and some ideas on how to prepare yourself to enter the game app development field: Becoming a Game App Developer.

Women in Computer Science

A field dominated by men? We think not. Check out some of the latest data and find out which colleges and universities are focusing their efforts on attracting more women to the computer science field: Women in Computer Science

Software Development, A Place for Women?

Women in Glasses staring at computer monitors? Is there an image thing going on that deters women from entering this field? Are there organizations encouraging women to enter the field? I wanted to know what a woman can do, young or mid-career, to get into the software development field... Women in Software Development

Women in Software Engineering

Underrepresented and underpayed. Things are a changing though....

Women in Software Engineering

Software Maintenance: The art of Debugging and Fixing

A critical component in software engineering, maintenance is often delegated to entry level software engineers. Don't let the title fool you, this is an area where you can gain valuable in depth knowledge of programming that can pay huge dividends later on. Who knows, you may develop a passion for this area...Software Maintenance

Software Testing Engineers...Getting the fix

Rarely does it ever happen that s programming project gets done and performs without a hitch. Software testing is an important and on-going part of the software development life cycle. Learn more about this career and the educational paths that professionals have taken to arrive in a software testing engineer position....Software Testing Engineer

Cloud Computing Opportunities

Ever wondered what cloud computing is all about? Are there job opportunities in this field? Check out "Transitioning to the Cloud" to learn more about this quickly growing field.

What in the World Does a Software Designer Do?

Designs Software. Designing is actually only one piece of the software development life cycle and software designers need to know it all. This field allows for an opportunity to use your creativity coupled with software design knowledge to create amazing things. Check it out...Software Designer

Cyber Security Management

Hundreds of companies around the world are hacked each year. The White House fell victim to an email phishing scheme. Cyber Security is a field critical to the protection of consumers, corporations and government agencies. Learn more about this field and why it might be for you. Read the article...

Information Security Engineers Keeping IT Secure

Legally hacking into a system to see if it is secure and getting paid for it? Sign me up. This is one role of an Information Security manager. Check out what it takes to get a start in this field and learn a bit more about what they do. Read on....

Animation Programmers and Engineers: Creative and Passionate

A passion for creating and a desire to apply hard science and precise engineering to developing video games. That sounds pretty good. Explore this field if it sounds up your alley. You may want to check it out even if it doesn't. Read the article

What Are SAP Developers?

SAP is only the fourth largest software company in the world. Rivaling Microsoft. They have their own programming language and lots of opportunity for talented developers and tech-savvy business folks. Check out how you could become a SAP Developer...

What is a Perl Developer or Engineer?

As of October 2012, it is only the 9th most popular programming language on the TIOBE list. If you aren't familiar with the list, this is kind of a big deal. Learn more about this path and what it takes to become a Perl developer or engineer. Read on here...

What is a Java Developer?

What are they doing for these companies that make this profession so sought after? What training do they have and what certifications are they getting? Find this information and more here...

What is Embedded Software Engineering?

Building invisible computers? That's how one embedded software engineer put it. Learn about this exciting area of software engineering and what can help you prepare for a career in this area. Read more now...

What is a Computer Network Engineer?

It's only a rapidly growing field in tech. Typical academic preparation often involves a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Read on to learn more about this path...Check it out.

What is a PHP Developer?

PHP is one of the hottest programming languages out there. Employers are scraping for developers with knowledge of PHP. Learn about this language and some of the traits a PHP developer commonly possess. Read more about the PHP Developer path here.

Facebook App Developers

I've been hearing these guys and gals are the most sought after specialists on the market right now. So what are they doing? Who is hiring them? What does it take to become one of them? Facebook App Development: A Growing Industry

Smart Opportunity as A Smartphone APP Developer

Android Apps, iPhone Apps, Blackberry Apps oh my! Yup, forecasts show the smartphone app industry booming to the tune of $15 Billion annually by 2013. Why not get a piece of this action? Smartphone App Development: A Now Opportunity

Software Development Career Path

Find out what it takes to become a software developer. Learn about some of the specializations and areas of software development as well as educational paths. Job outlook and salary data looks promising according to the BLS. Check this field and all its options out...Software Developer

What is Computer Engineering Technology

I wanted to find out. This is a different educational path than there is in computer engineering. Learn more about this field...Computer Engineering Technology

Software Configuration Management

The Software Configuration Management field is something most people learn about once they are already in a software engineering or similar degree program. Fortunately for you, you are going to have a head start. Check it out...Software Configuration Management

Software Engineering Management..Everyone wants to be the boss

Going into management is a logical step for an experienced and educated software engineer. In most cases there are higher salaries in managerial roles. With higher salaries comes increased responsibilities. Learn about the path to management in software engineering...Software Engineering Management

Software Quality Engineering...

This is the quality assurance area in software engineering and development. Necessary attributes to proper functioning include maintaining speed of a system or program, user friendliness and security among other important facets. This area requires good communication skills as often times a software quality engineer will speak directly to clients about issues. Learn more...Software Quality Engineer

A Niche Field..Software Requirements Engineering

Only one of the more critical phases of the software development life cycle, software requirements engineers work with clients to conceptualize and gather requirements prior to the design phase begins. Learn more...Software Requirements Engineering

What is a Software Architect and How Do You Become One?

Like a traditional architect, a software architect is one of the many people involved in the construction of a project. The software architect plays the biggest role in the beginning of a project, bringing a vision or idea to life. This is not often an entry-level position, so read up on how to prepare for a role in this field. Software Architect, Check it out ==>

What Do Systems Integration Engineers do?

Help Computers talk to each other. really. Learn about the educational path options and professional advancement in this field. Read on...


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