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Computer Science and Software Engineering Program Profiles

syracuse university

Syracuse University offers online master's programs in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. These programs are designed to prepare engineers and computer scientists to address the most pressing social and global challenges. In 2001 the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security designated Syracuse University as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE). Learn more about the Syracuse University online master's degree programs today.

MSOE Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Program at the Milwaukee School of Engineering

The Milwaukee School of Engineering's Software Engineering program was one of the first in the country to be accredited by ABET. This article provides an inside glimpse of what the program is about. Wondering where graduates of the MSOE Software Engineering program might find employment? I wanted to know and have shared what I found. Read it...MSOE's Software Engineering Program

seattle university software engineering

Software Engineering at Seattle University

Seattle University is a pioneer in the Software Engineering field. Based in the the beautiful Northwest and in close proximity to a number of high tech organizations, Seattle University offers top tier education opportunities in software engineering and computer science. Read the full story: A Pioneer in the Software Engineering Industry: Seattle University

psu software engineering

At Penn State Behrend, Industry-Student Partnerships are a Boost for Innovation

This article profiling the program with insight from Chris Coulston, chair and associate professor of Penn State Behrend's Software Engineering program, offers a not often found view of what opportunities software engineering students may encounter during their undergraduate study. Read the full article: Pennsylvania State University-Behrend Software Engineering

unt computer science

Exploring the Computer Science Program at THe University of North Texas

David Keathly, a Science Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor at the University of North Texas Computer Science and Engineering, talks about his program and the school. What does it take to be successful as a student in the Computer Science progam at UNT? Find out. Read the Profile==>

unt computer engineering

University of North Texas Computer Engineering Program

Check out insider information on the Computer Engineering programs at the University of North Texas. Robert Akl, Computer Engineering Professor at the University of North Texas, goes over the profession and what students in his program are prepared for after graduation. Get the insider view here. Read the article==>

university of wisconsin platteville computer science and software engineering

Wisconsin-Platteville's Software Engineering and Computer Science Students Have Different Programs, Same Strong Job Prospects

Joe Clifton, Chair of the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department, discusses the differences between the software engineering and computer science programs and the job outlook for graduates of the programs. Check out the article==>


Exploring Undergraduate Software Engineering at RIT

RIT was the first school to award an undergraduate degree in software engineering. They know a thing or two about preparing students for paths in this field. Check it Out==>

UT Austin Software Engineering Logo

Texas-Austin's Software-Engineering Graduates Keep Software Sectors Up to Speed

Dewayne Perry, Professor & Motorola Regents Chair of Software Engineering at UT Austin discusses the Software Engineering program, students and where graduates find work in Austin and around the country. Austin has become a technology hub and grads are finding lucrative and exciting jobs there. this is valuable information here....Read on...


Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

John Minor, Computer Science Associate Professor and Director, School of Computer Science at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) discusses his program, the future and what Las Vegas holds for graduates of the Computer Science program. UNLV's Software-Engineering-Savvy Grads Can Make Fortunes in Las Vegas...

um dearborn software engineering

University of Michigan-Dearborn Software Engineering

What are software engineering students in the University of Michigan-Dearborn's Software Engineering program doing to get ahead? Learn more about the internship activities and academics students are exposed to as Dr. Bruce Maxim, associate professor of computer and information science at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, talks shop. Read the article...University of Michigan-Dearborn's Software Engineering Program Fosters an Innovator Class

msu software engineering

Where Mississippi State Software-Engineering Grads Go, Job Offers Follow

Dr. Dampier, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, Director, Center for Computer Security Research & National Forensics Training Center, talks student scholarships, job opportunities and how the MSU software engineering program prepares students for success. Read the full article...Software Engineering at MSU

umd computer science

Opportunities Abound in UMD's Computer Science Program

Jeff Hollingsworth, PhD, Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Maryland's Computer Science Department gives you the scoop on the UMD CS program and what graduates find themselves doing. Google's Sergei Brinn graduated from UMD. He's doing alright. Read on ==>

uva wise

Virginia-Wise's Small Computer-Science Department Draws Big-Name Employers

Read this interview with Alex Edwards, Mathematics and Computer Science Chair at UVA Wise. Joining in to discuss the differences between the computer science and software engineering programs are Jacob Somervell, a Wise associate professor of computer science, and Robert Hatch, a computer-science assistant professor. They discuss each of the programs, the school, and finding employment after graduation. Read this article==>

unr computer science

Nevada-Reno's Computer Science and Engineering Degree is One Credential with Many Applications

We caught up with Yaakov Varol ,Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Nevada Reno, to learn more about the program, opportunities for graduates of the program and what recent graduates are saying about the UNR program. This is a must read==>

ut arlington

Texas-Arlington's Software-Engineering Program Creates New IT Professionals—And Possibly New IT Jobs

Texas is and will continue to be a technology hub. It makes sense that some of the most respected software engineering degree programs are offered by schools based in the Lone Star State. David Kung, Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Software Engineering Program, is interviewed in this article and shares what makes the program so popular and why graduates are so popular with employers around the country. Read it...


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