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Software Configuration Management

Software configuration management is one of many career paths you could take in the field of software development, and one you might not be overly aware of until you begin your studies or work experience. Essentially, software configuration management (SCM) is a discipline that consists of tracking changes in software and controlling them. Because software can be altered so easily, SCM is devised to limit changes, to control the development of software, and to continue to manage those changes. Poor quality, costly mistakes, or an inability to meet customer’s needs, budget constraints or timelines are just some ways that software projects can fail. In most configuration management jobs you will be responsible for providing configuration support throughout the life cycle of the software, from early stages of development through to the finished product. [Find schools and learn more about Software Development degrees]

Software Configuration Management Education Paths

There are different paths toward this field, and you can begin a career in computers with varying levels of education, but you will need excellent computer skills. The best route toward this job is to get a background in software development. You could earn an associate degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. Ideal majors would be computer science, information science, or computer engineering, but related majors in mathematics or science with additional programming courses could potentially suffice if you posses the necessary computer knowledge. You will most definitely need strong problem-solving and analytical skills in addition to excellent knowledge of software. [Find a Computer Science degree program in your state]

Software Configuration Management

Certification and professional training specifically for software configuration management are both possible as well. Professional organizations like the Institute of Configuration Management (ICM), International Certified Configuration Management Association (iNTCCM), or the Configuration management Process Improvement Center offer certification. The Association for configuration and Data Management (ACDM) is a professional organization that offers conferences, newsletters, and membership. This is a focus that is not always present in university course manuals, so many opportunities for training and continuing education are at the professional level once you have earned a related degree.

Software Configuration Management Growth Projections

Like most IT careers, you can expect excellent growth and opportunity in this niche. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth well above average for the 2008 to 2018 decade for most IT jobs. Configuration management was actually coined in the 1960s, but as software innovations have developed so rapidly, the ability of software organizations to manage it has not quite caught up. Configuration management will continue to be a much-needed aspect of software development to ensure that change can be accommodated, with clear and consistent results.


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